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发布: 2018-10-19 11:06:24 | 作者: | 来源: 设计·中国










  策展人:张辉 、Angelo Collura (意大利) 、Alfred Mirashi(意大利) 







  From Chang'an to Rome

  Chang'an is one of the typical representatives of Chinese culture, and Rome is also an irreplaceable civilization highlands in the western world. Chang'an is "magnificent" and "majestic", and Rome is the "eternal city" built with marble, and they construct rich and colorful civillization in the East and the West. Looking back at history, since the beginning of Zhang Qian’s departure to the western region in 140 BC, after Emperor Sui’s western journey in 609 AD, to Marco Polo’s travels in 1298 AD, they all play harmonious historical chapters on the Silk Road, and the achievements of China-Italy cultural exchanges have also been influencing us in the world today.

  In 2018, 2158 years have passed since that first historical moment of east-west communication. Today, on the platform of the Jinan International Photography Biennale in China, we have the opportunity to show the images of teachers and students from 13 art schools in China and 10 art schools in Italy through the form of exhibitions. We hope that Chinese and foreign universities take this opportunity to exchange and learn from each other. Due to the differences in culture, economy and political background, China and Italy have great differences in artistic cognition, photographic concept expression and works presentation.

  However, the students of the two universities in the two countries are striving to pay attention to reality, life and self-survival experience. They use the way of contemporary visual art to convey the idea of young students in both countries to pursue their dreams. This cultural and geographical differences will reunit and communicate in the artistic language on this exhibition and will be completely revitalized.

  It is hoped that the vibrant and artistically fascinating works in this exhibition will add new brilliance to the exchanges between Chinese and Western civilizations.

  Zhang Hui


  佛罗伦萨国立美术学院、拉文纳美院、卡拉拉美院、福贾美院、阿奎拉美院、巴勒莫美院、威尼斯美院、都灵美院、米兰布雷拉美院、卡坦扎罗美院 、雷焦卡拉布里亚美院、 那不勒斯美院、乌尔比诺美院 












  Academy of Fine arts of Florence


         佛罗伦萨国立美术学院(意:Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, 英:Academy of Fine arts of Florence)1785年成为国立美术学院,学院是欧洲文艺复兴的产物,也对欧洲文艺复兴产生过巨大影响,因对世界美术界,世界美术教育作出的不可磨灭的贡献,所以有“世界美术最高学府”和“写实主义大师汇集的皇家美术学院”之称,与意大利马兰欧尼学院并称造型类和设计学的双雄。由佛罗伦萨学院美术馆收藏的文艺复兴雕塑巨匠--米开朗基罗的作品《大卫》(David)更是声名远扬,蜚声世界。是众多艺术家、学者、游客、学生心中的圣地。佛罗伦萨,世界艺术之都,欧洲文艺复兴的发源地和最主要的城市孕育了美术学院的诞生,文艺复兴以来大师云集,达芬奇(Leonardo Da Vinci),米开朗基罗(Michelangelo),但丁(Dante),彼德拉克,薄伽丘,乔托(Giotto),拉斐尔,马萨乔,多纳泰罗(Donatello),布鲁涅列斯基,乔尔乔内,提香。 


  The National Academy of Fine Arts of Florence (Academy of Fine Arts of Florence) became the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1785. The Academy was the product of the European Renaissance and had a great impact on the European Renaissance, because of itsimmeasurable contribution to world art and world art education. The contribution of extinction, so the "world's highest Academy of fine arts" and "the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, a collection of realist masters," said, with the Italian Malano Oni College, known as modeling and design of the male and female. Michelangelo's David, a renowned Renaissance sculptor collected by the Florence Academy Museum of Fine Arts, is well-known all over the world. It is the holy land of many artists, scholars, tourists and students. Florence, the capital of the world's art, the birthplace of the European Renaissance and the leading city gave birth to the Academy of Fine Arts. Since the Renaissance, great masters have gathered, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Pidrake, Boccaccio, Giotto, Raphael, Massa. Joe, Donald Taylor (Donatello), Blue Nereski, Giorgio Hei, Titian. 

  Erika Pellicci


       Erika Pellicci于1992年出生于巴尔加(LU),2016年获得佛罗伦萨美术学院的一级文凭。 目前他正在ABABO学习摄影。 他的研究重点是对场所和博览会的描述。 参加2016年佛罗伦萨“#00 OPEN”美术学院展览和2016年比萨“Silenzi Temporanei”Teatro LUX展览; 通过UFO在维琴察的公开招募得以参与“S-Genetic Compositions”项目中的一些作品。她被Vanessa Beecroft选为VB83和VB84的表演者,在2017年SACI画廊举办的“迷失雕像悖论”群展中展出; 在2017年Lucca Undergroud 艺术节l举办“00”项目,参加佛罗伦萨Chiasso Perduto的AD画廊群展。

  我看的那一刻,一切都停止了。 虚空是完整的,主体之间的空间联系也在扩大。 因此远离光阴的情感生活被表现出来,但接近当代。 为了寻找一种令人回味的形式,我试图捕捉当前时刻的细节,这种方式在某种意义上让我觉得已经很遥远,在另一个空间,被悬空被搁置。

  只有他们当下的目击者,会充满一种身体无动于衷的感觉。 一本介于灯光和阴影,生与死之间的 日记。

  Erika Pellicci was born in Barga (LU) in 1992, obtains in 2016 the rst level diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. At the moment she continues her photography studies at ABABO. Her research focuses on the narration of places and expositions. Takes part in the exhibitions "# 00 OPEN" Academy of Fine Arts in Florence 2016 and "Silenzi Temporanei" Teatro LUX in Pisa 2016; participates with some works in the project "S-Genetic Compositions" through the Open call UFO be unde nited in Vicenza. She is selected as a performer by Vanessa Beecroft for the performances VB83 and VB84; exhibits in the group exhibition "The Stray Statue Paradox" at the SACI Gallery 2017; presents the "00" project at Lucca Undergroud Festival 2017, participation in the group exhibition of AD Gallery at Chiasso Perduto in Florence.

  Nel momento in cui osservo, ogni cosa si ferma. Il vuoto riempie il pieno, e le connessioni spaziali, fra i soggetti, si dilatano. Si manifesta così una vita emotiva lontana dal tempo, ma vicina al presente. Alla ricerca di una forma evocativa, tento di cogliere dettagli di momenti attuali, che allo stesso modo sento esser già lontani, in un altro spazio, sospesi. I “non eventi”.

  Testimoni solo del loro momento, carichi di un sentimento d’impassibilità meta sica. Un diario che spazia fra luci ed ombre, vita e morte.







  萨基·伊拉利亚  Sacchi Ilaria 


  在我的学习期间,我能够深化平面设计的主要技术,特别是autocad,illustrator,photoshop的程序。 此外,在学业前两年,我开始涉足绘画和雕塑的主题。



  Liceo Artistico V. Cardarelli, La Spezia (Italia)

  Durante il mio percorso di studio ho potuto approfondire le principali tecniche di progettazione grafica con particolare riferimento ai programmi di autocad, illustrator, photoshop. Nei primi due anni, inoltre, mi sono cimentata nelle materie di pittura e scultura.

  01/11/2015–alla data attuale

  Accademia Delle Belle Arti, Firenze (Italia)

  Studi inerenti al mondo nella Grafica d 'arte: dalle tecniche più tradizionali fino alle più moderne tecnologie.


  布诺麦莉 朱丽叶  Bonomelli Giulia Curr

  布诺麦莉 朱丽叶  意大利人 2018年8月4日-2018年8月18日 实习

  舞台布景设计师助理,ABC音乐节 意大利 坎皮利亚马里蒂马

  2016年8月 实习-道具,ABC音乐节,为坎皮利亚马里蒂马剧院设计布置舞台布景

  2016年8月 实习-演出参与达里奥.福的戏剧《不是所有的小偷都会受到伤害》舞台布景设计

  15-10-2014 10-2018,佛罗伦萨美术学院剧院和电影院景观设计。

  文凭是一级艺术设计 适用于场景设计。

  BONOMELLI  GIULIA  Italiana  31 ottobre10月 1995  4-08-2018 18-08-2018 Stagista  Assistente scenografo  ABC Apritiborgo di Campiglia M.ma  ApritiBorgo  Scenografia

  Agosto 2016 Stagista- attrezzista

  Realizzazione e allestimento scenografia nel teatro dei Concordi di Campiglia M.ma ABC Apritiborgo di Campiglia M.ma  ApritiBorgo  Scenografia.  Agosto 2016 Stagista- realizzatrice

  Aiuto realizzazione della scenografia per lo spettacolo dedicato a Dario Fo “Non tutti i ladri vengono per nuocere”Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze  Scenografia

  15-10-2014 10-2018Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze Progettazione allestimenti scenografici per il teatro e il cinema.

  Diploma di primo livello in Arti applicate alla Scenografia 110 lode /110.


  Federica Murittu






  The project contains a series of five shots where various artisans of the cities of Florence and Siena are repre\u0002sented, who still dream of a future for their craft.

  This strong demand of the craft sector has led me to have an interaction with them;

  questioning them on what the job was, which, alternatively, they would never have wanted to do.

  Through their answers I decided to photograph them in their unwanted clothes.

  The photos were taken inside neutral spaces, just to represent a context devoid of identity, without any kind of reference in more,

  so as not to give a message too explicit to those who go to take advantage of the photo.


  Francesca Kezich 


  在学校参与多个项目,保姆经历以及欧罗巴艺术节担任后勤中获得一些技能。Festival Fabbrica Europa的物流。

  熟练掌握Adobe软件:Photoshop CS5.5,Illustrator CS5.5,Indesign CS5.5。


  Isolotto船厂 ,Virgilio Sieni公司,佛罗伦萨Isolotto(新文化遗址)区的重建项目。

  09/2017介绍都灵编舞家Chiara(基娅拉)的当代舞蹈Muoviti Fermo(移动费尔莫)的艺术表演。

  2017年Pitti Uomo之际,在佛罗伦萨植物园举办编舞家Chiara Burgio(齐亚拉·伯吉奥)的当代舞蹈Vespri(晚祷)的艺术表演介绍,在Teverina的Lugnano(地名),构思白色夜晚的火舞表演在阿尔法剧院(捷克共和国皮尔森)的舞台上建造和维护木偶和风景画佩格拉(佛罗伦萨)剧院的舞台灯光设计实习詹卡洛·安吉鲁奇,指挥Federico Fellini(费德里科 费里尼)的舞台实习与专业插画师Liza Schiavi(莉莎·希亚维)一起为期两周的实习,参加设计师Benno Simma(本诺·西马)参与的展览研讨会在艺术家Riccardo Rizzo的监督下,在博尔扎诺市的一个特定区域进行的壁画,从历史的角度来看,具有特别的重要性。为废物处理公司Mascotte的建设竞争而详细制作的图形 - Alto Adige Ecocenter由参议院议长Pietro Grasso(彼得·格拉索)在2015年罗马举行的“ll Ventaglio del Presidente(总统的粉丝)”颁奖典礼上获得颁奖现代舞课程公司的舞蹈剧场课程以及参与了剧场消防演习(2016)参加编舞者 Chiara Burgio(齐亚拉布乐娇) 的舞踏课程。

  possiedo buone competenze comunicative acquisite durante la mia esperienza promoter di eventi, esperienze di animatrice, esperienze all'estero di lunga durata, accoglienza artisti e logistica presso il Festival Fabbrica Europacompetenze acquisite durante lo svolgimento di molteplici aree di progetto in ambito scolastico e l'attività di babysitting e animazione, ideazione e organizzazione di spettacoli di danza, logistica presso Festival Fabbrica Europa-buona padronanza dei software Adobe: Photoshop CS5.5, Illustrator CS5.5, Indesign CS5.5,abilità in lavori manuali: pittorici, plastici, grafici, tecnici, di allestimentobuona padronanza della macchina fotografica digitale e analogicadanza buto teatro danza Cantieri Isolotto, compagnia Virgilio Sieni, progetto di riqualifica del quartiere di Isolotto, Firenze, 09/2017

  Presentazione performance artistica di danza contemporanea Muoviti Fermo della coreografa Chiara presso il Festival Moving Bodies a Torino Presentazione performance artistica di danza contemporanea Vespri della coreografa Chiara Burgio presso il giardino botanico di Firenze in occasione di Pitti Uomo 2017ideazione di spettacolo di danza col fuoco per notte bianca a Lugnano in Teverinastage presso il teatro Alfa (Pilsen, Repubblica Ceca) di costruzione e manutenzione di marionette e scenografiestage presso il teatro la Pergola ( Firenze ) di macchineria e di illuminotecnicaStage su Federico Fellini condotto da Giancarlo Angeluccistage della durata di due settimane presso l'illustratrice professionista Liza Schiaviworkshop di allestimento fieristico con la partecipazione del designer Benno SimmaMurales svolto in una determinata zona della città di Bolzano avente particolare importanza dal punto di vista storico in occasione della giornata della memoria sotto la supervisione dell'arstista Riccardo Rizzoelaborato grafico in occasione del concorso per la realizzazione della Mascotte per l'azienda di smaltimento rifiuti – Alto Adige Ecocenter terzo classificato al concorso instituito dall'azienda Ecocenter 2011, Bolzanopremio consegnato dal presidente del senato Pietro Grasso in occasione della cerimonia annuale “ ll Ventaglio del Presidente” 2015, Roma corso di danza moderna (2009 - 2014)

  corso di teatro danza e manipolazione del fuoco presso la Compagnia dei focolieri (2016)focolieri corso di danza butoh presso la coreografa Chiara Burgio (2016 – 2017).


  Giada Biagioni


  Lorenzo Ermini 


   Lorenzo Ermini1996年出生于蒙特瓦尔基(AR),他在佛罗伦萨美术学院学习。2017年,他参加了位于佛罗伦萨的加利福尼亚州立大学的“艺术与艺术”集体展演,并于巴迪亚阿鲁奥蒂(Ar)举办了他的第一场个展。他还参与了在佛罗伦萨的“Runaseta”集体演出,他是EnEGC艺术奖的得主之一。2018,他参与了TIAC ExpAcess空间的“MyaMaFoSi”集体展演。 

Lorenzo Ermini was born in Montevarchi (Ar) on 10-08-1996, he study at Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. In 2017 he  

  parteciped at "Arte per Arte" collective show at California state university in Florence and had his first solo show in Badia a  

  Ruoti (Ar). He also parteciped at "Rinascita" collective show in Florence and he was one of the winners of Enegan art prize.  

  In 2018 he parteciped at "Metamorfosi" collective show at TIAC expositive space.



  作品大小:45x30 cm

作品名称:《 无界的光》

  作品大小:45x30 cm


  作品大小:30x45 cm

  Sangaeva Natalie  娜塔莉亚·桑加耶娃


  日期:2015年4月至2015年8月,工作或职位覆盖Graphic designer 平面设计师,主要活动和平面设计的演示项目责任雇主的姓名和地址


  日期:2014年六月至2015年3月,工作和职位覆盖Graphic designer平面设计师项目的主要活动和平面设计的责任介绍

  Date11.2017 – attualmente Lavoro o posizione ricopertiLibera professionista nel settore della grafica 3D

  Date04.2015 – 08.2015,Lavoro o posizione ricoperti

  Principali attività eGraphic design delle presentazioni dei

  responsabilitàprogettiNome e indirizzo del datore di OOO “Strojholding MO”, Mosca, Federazione lavoroRussa

  Date06.2014 – 03.2015,Lavoro o posizione ricoperti Principali attività eGraphic design delle presentazioni dei responsabilità progetti


Silvia Cagotzi 


robert zamboni




  Hubei Institute of Fine Arts 







  Aiming to cultivate high-level image talents, in Hubei institute of fine arts, the major of photography is in Visual Communication Department. With the advantage of the resource of our institute, the curriculum and education system has broken the barrier between the subjects and lead in all the courses, which is helpful to the development of the major. Material, carrier, representation technique and image language are the emphasis and difficulty of our research which makes the teaching more exploratory and experimental. 

  Photography Education can be divided into three systems in Hubei Institute of Fine Art:  

  1. Commercial advertising photography

  2. News and media

  3. Contemporary image conceptual arts. Based on cultivating application-typed talents, the students are involved in creative design arts of advertising image, news and modern communication, media and internet arts, contemporary arts analysis & criticism and representation of contemporary image arts, etc., so that they can become compound-typed design talents with contemporary consciousness.

张朴  ZhangPu


         张朴 ,1963年生于武汉1988年毕业于浙江美术学院(现中国美术学院)获学士学位,2008年获武汉大学硕士学位现为湖北美术学院教授  硕士生导师  摄影专业负责人 中国摄影家协会会员湖北省摄影家协会会员  


  19世纪中期,俄国人来汉口做起了茶叶生意,老汉口“巴公房子”的主人就是茶商俄国皇室贵族、沙皇尼古拉二世的表亲巴诺夫兄弟。“李凡诺夫公馆”的原主人李凡诺夫,也是当时汉口的著名茶商。这些俄国茶商与中国的茶叶贸易长达半个多世纪,开启了汉口作为“东方茶港” 黄金时代。这些老建筑与“江汉关”、“大智门车站”一道见证了汉口作为中国砖茶之都的辉煌。

  In the mid-nineteenth century,Russians begin their business of tea in Hankou, the owners of the old Hankou's house is the tea merchant Russian noble czar Nicholas ii's cousin, the Banovs. Li Vanov, the original owner of "Li Vanov Mansion", was also a famous tea merchant in Hankou at that time. These Russian tea traders traded with China for more than half century, it opened the golden age of Hankou as the  "Oriental tea port". Together with "Jianghan Pass " and "Dazhimen Station ", these old buildings witnessed the brilliance of Hankou as China's brick tea capital.



  作品名称:《 东方茶港》





  邓乾维  DengQianWei 



  Through combining traditional photography manual transfer form and the modern digital image to perform image multi-dimensional flips, then through deconstructing and reconstructing the plane image to make the single visual feeling gradually multiplies, at the same time, exploring photography ontology language how to showing characteristics and changes at different levels in the multi-media combination context.



  作品名称:《 西北偏西》





  张欢  ZhangHuan 


          张欢, 1991年5月生于湖北黄石。高中毕业后,进入到湖北美术学院学习摄影专业,毕业后在深圳学习深造,目前生活工作于武汉、深圳两地。 



  This group of works on-screen physical nature that they had not only bear with the real world in the objective sense , but every shot elements, each arranged in a disorderly repeated , each color styles are bearing the author as a creative the concept of visual images and symbols present in the screen , the authors hope that through these pure symbols to create " images prose" , and this " image prose" is difficult to translate the language of the sentence , for different life backgrounds, different ages different professional backgrounds of different viewers , these " video essay" bring to an emotion , a ray of poetry , some of the emotional and aesthetic meaning little unexpected are vastly different , and these implicit implication ultimately are in a right hand, and since I think the premise and the final fate . 









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